Missing Ventura….

I miss sitting in the backyard of my parents’ house in Ventura with my sisters as we watch our pups play together. Enjoying the California sun and sipping Chief Peak beer from Topa Topa. I miss running and surfing at C-Street. I miss hiking Arroyo Verde at sunset. I miss eating menudo on Sunday mornings. I miss a life that I created for myself out of necessity when COVID hit in March. A life that I thought I had outgrown and grew tired of four years ago when I decided to move to Washington State for something new at the tail end of a tough Saturn Return.

I returned to my apartment in the Seattle neighborhood of Capitol Hill and to my job as a Director at a school at the end of April. I have tried to pick up my life since COVID hit, but the difference from when I left-off to now in this “new normal,” makes it easy to romanticize the initial shelter in place moment of COVID. You miss what you can’t have and familiarity breeds contempt is at the forefront of my thoughts.

My younger sister thinks it’s only a matter of time until I return and maybe she is right. I do not know.


This is an appreciation post for two particular friendships in my life that continue to endure over time, and forge ahead regardless of space and time.

This weekend, I had a surprise visit from Haley, and an old co-worker/good friend went to my favorite brewery back home to pick up a pendant I posted on instagram. Simple acts of kindness like making time to hangout, or stopping by a brewery for me is so very sweet and kind. Continue reading “Friends!”

Alert: Nostalgia

In honor of my iphone creating the adorable video below. I also wanted to share a photo I stumbled upon from my trip to Southern California for Spring Break- looking back is dope.

Spring Break in the 805 (2017)
Emma Wood Beach

This last year definitely felt every bit 365 and then some; August 20th marks my one-year anniversary of making the jump from southern California beach bum to kewl PNW want to be local.

Made West Brewery- Ventura, CA

Hey! Jessie Here (I luf craft beer!). Is it just me or does Made West Brewery make you feel like you’re in an art gallery?  Like Major modern sleek artsy vibes emanate from the light fixtures and mural. I really dig this new brewery and highly recommend making it a destination if you’re in the Ventura County.

Check out some of my pics from my most recent trip to Ventura’s own Made West Brewery. (I can’t help but people watch, the last two pics display some awesome takes on pretty known well brands, Patagonia and Jordan.)