Issa Caricature!


Felt like I needed to share these amazing caricatures that my good friend Emily had made for us as a Christmas present. Fun Fact: All 4 of us go way back. How far back? Oh you know, 6th Grade. And where are we now? Well, Emily is a kick-ass Financial Analyst and entrepreneur; Haley is a boss b Varsity swim coach and girl scout leader; and Renée is a Marine Biologist and parkour expert (not really but she tries). Another fun fact: We all traveled to Sri Lanka last year to celebrate Emily’s wedding to her husband, Chatura. Two weeks of romping around a small island in a van definitely bonded us for lyfe.

…wonder if all of our future kids will like each other or nah- HAHA.


Sri Lanka!!

I’m going to Sri Lanka in April! Ahhh! I cahn’t believe it! My friend Haley, who is also going, recommended searching the hashtag “Sri Lanka” on Instagram to see what pops-up. The first thing that caught my eye was the following pic of a surfer elegantly sliding through a wave. Here are some of my favorite images that flame my Sri Lanka stoke! Also, a Sri Lanka surf session is a must!