Sierra is Getting Married! #Gauchos4lyfe


And to think just a couple of years ago I was saying goodbye to Sierra as she embarked on a new chapter in Hawaii. Now, she’s engaged to her guy (Chris) and they’re in the midsts of planning a dreamy Hawaiian wedding- ahh, makes my heart swell with happiness for them.

Keeping in touch these past 10 years since our college graduation has surprisingly been easy. We both have a gift for gab and our quarterly phone sessions tend to last well over an hour and a half (minimum). I mean, we both earned Communication degrees from the University of California, Santa Barbara so yeah, there’s that too.

(Side note: I feel like the more I use my blog to appreciate certain people and friendships, the more I appreciate the serendipitous nature of the universe.)

Eventually you Graduate from College

During my second year at Santa Barbara City College, Sierra sat behind me in a Public Speaking 101 class, we were both working towards transferring to UCSB and Majoring in Communication. That was back in 2005. Luckily, we’ve managed to keep in touch and still relatively enjoy each other’s company 😉

Acting like tourists at Ventura Botanical Gardens
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