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Welcome Back!

Table E31 in a pandemic @ Optimism Brewery.

Welcome back, Jessie! I’m so sorry blog. I have neglected you and wasted time on other sites that shall not be named when I could have used my energy and creativity on a site that you know I pay to retain, oof. No judgment though, we are in a pandemic and one must be kind to themselves.

I am currently sitting in Optimism Brewery. Table E31 to be specific. My reservation was for 6:30 p.m. for a party of one (dogs don’t count). I am embarrassed to admit that Optimism’s online beer-ordering system required three more clicks than I was prepared to see through. I sat for a good 15 minutes before realizing I played myself and gave it another go and ordered a Hazy IPA.

It’s 7:31 p.m. I am escaping the heat, a whopping 75 degrees, by using Optimism’s cool concrete floors and fan. This blog, A Little Bit of J, now has a new theme. I wrote some content, yay! You know, a change of scenery makes all the difference.

That’s all I have in my tonight, folks. I’m gonna enjoy another round then walk home with Luna (my big-headed pitbull) and get ready for another day in Trump’s America, oye!


8:03 p.m.

Seattle, WA


This is an appreciation post for two particular friendships in my life that continue to endure over time, and forge ahead regardless of space and time.

This weekend, I had a surprise visit from Haley, and an old co-worker/good friend went to my favorite brewery back home to pick up a pendant I posted on instagram. Simple acts of kindness like making time to hangout, or stopping by a brewery for me is so very sweet and kind. Continue reading “Friends!”

Here’s to more blogging!

Hey young world. Want to hear a story? It’s been far too long since I’ve held a steady blogging schedule and it’s bumming me out so my goal is to make at least one post a day.

Here’s a few things that happened this WEEK:

  • Earlier in the week I was experiencing a slight depression cherry (a term used when I’m feeling sad girl vibes). This is something that I experience when I have guests come to visit we have an amazing time then they leave to go back home and I get a little sad. The last time I experienced this was back in February when my parents came to visit from California and we had a wild time romping around Vancouver. The duration of this depression cherry tends to last a few days then things get back to normal. Update: I’m good now, guys. Getting excited to start a new job.
  • Drove to Monroe to collect eggs from Haley’s coupe and to give water to her chickens while she and the fam traveled back from New York. Upon arriving, it was clear that an intruder was trying to eat the chicken feed. Luckily, there were plenty of eggs to collect and the coupe wasn’t destroyed.
  • I accepted a contract for a new position at a new school after creating a 100-day action plan to show the founder my objectives for my first three months on the job. She loved the plan and I was able to negotiate a title and salary that I feel reflects what I can bring to the position. Moving to Washington state has really allowed me to take make moves in Education. Thankful for this opportunity.

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Fresh Eggs from Haley’s tree house

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On our way to hike but google didn’t come through so we ended up driving for almost 2 hours.