Ryan Lovelace Surf Craft is Pure Magic!

The prettiest custom Roundpin Logs my eyes have ever set their sights on. I need one, now! Check our Ryan’s website and Trim Shop Instagram for more beautiful images of craftsmanship.

Another Lovelace beauty that gives me surfboard envy and the feels for his artistry.

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Tapered stringer ThrougHull 👌

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Best investment I ever made was purchasing an 8”0” V-bowl from Wetsand Surf Shop. The utility and overall aesthetic of the V-bowl is absolute perfection. Fingers crossed I run into Ryan at Rincon one of these days so I can thank him in person for creating such an awesome board.


This is the bus Ryan Lovelace built with his lady. I believe it’s called the Cosmic Collider or something like that. I’m still in awe that I own one of his boards, every time I see anything remotely related to his craft work I feel compelled to re-blog. true story.