Are You a Level-Six Leader?

I came across this article about The 6 Levels of Leadership tonight and it’s brilliant. Here’s a brief description of the article and the Level of Leadership I think I most align to.

Are You a Level-Six Leader?

The central, most telling question to ask a leader is, whom do you serve?

The answer to the question whom do you serve often reveals more about leaders than knowing their personality traits, level of achievement, or whether they were “transformational” or “transactional” leaders.

Level Five: Builder

The level-five leader, the Builder, strives not to reach a goal but to build an institution. Builders are legendary leaders such as IBM’s Tom Watson Jr., GM’s Alfred P. Sloan, and Harpo’s Oprah Winfrey. These people serve their institutions by managing for the long term and not allowing themselves to be seduced by the twin mirages of short-term profit or stock market valuations. They have a grand vision for the future of their organizations, and they infect others with their energy, enthusiasm, and integrity. These are the leaders we write books about, study, try to understand, and lionize.