Whoever you are with, make sure they are better than your solitude.

Okay, for the last year I have watched Soft White Underbelly videos on Youtube to help me fall asleep. The subjects and topics range from trick to white-collar criminals. A majority of the videos are shot on Skid Row in LA or the tenderloin in San Francisco. This video here is such a gem. I played it from start to finish on Sunday as I was picking up my apartment. A few times, when Frenchie was speaking, I had to stop what I was doing to fully process what she was saying. I guess my call to action is to subscribe to the SWU and listen to Frenchie’s interview.

Billie Holiday & her Boxer

I was checking to see which movies are currently playing at SIFF which took me down a jazz rabbit hole. There’s a Miles Davis documentary playing so I watched the trailer, and became intrigued and saddened to see his spiral into addiction. Suddenly, I thought about Billie Holiday and did a google image search which brought up adorable and sweet pictures of her and her beloved boxer, Mister, who was her favorite.

This picture is now my screensaver, enjoy! Oh, and here’s the link the documentary that sent me down a jazz rabbit hole.

Miles Davis- Birth of the Cool