Welcome Back!

Table E31 in a pandemic @ Optimism Brewery.

Welcome back, Jessie! I’m so sorry blog. I have neglected you and wasted time on other sites that shall not be named when I could have used my energy and creativity on a site that you know I pay to retain, oof. No judgment though, we are in a pandemic and one must be kind to themselves.

I am currently sitting in Optimism Brewery. Table E31 to be specific. My reservation was for 6:30 p.m. for a party of one (dogs don’t count). I am embarrassed to admit that Optimism’s online beer-ordering system required three more clicks than I was prepared to see through. I sat for a good 15 minutes before realizing I played myself and gave it another go and ordered a Hazy IPA.

It’s 7:31 p.m. I am escaping the heat, a whopping 75 degrees, by using Optimism’s cool concrete floors and fan. This blog, A Little Bit of J, now has a new theme. I wrote some content, yay! You know, a change of scenery makes all the difference.

That’s all I have in my tonight, folks. I’m gonna enjoy another round then walk home with Luna (my big-headed pitbull) and get ready for another day in Trump’s America, oye!


8:03 p.m.

Seattle, WA

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Made West Brewery- Ventura, CA

Hey! Jessie Here (I luf craft beer!). Is it just me or does Made West Brewery make you feel like you’re in an art gallery?  Like Major modern sleek artsy vibes emanate from the light fixtures and mural. I really dig this new brewery and highly recommend making it a destination if you’re in the Ventura County.

Check out some of my pics from my most recent trip to Ventura’s own Made West Brewery. (I can’t help but people watch, the last two pics display some awesome takes on pretty known well brands, Patagonia and Jordan.)




My First Beer Collective Meeting @ Topa Topa Brewery 

So what are the perks and benefits to joining a beer collective?

Join the Topa Topa Collective for exclusive info, events and offers on gear and beer. Plus, one percent of sales on pints from the collective go to the Los Padres Forest Watch to help preserve our local habitat. Our annual membership includes:

  • 4oz extra pour of beer in a 20oz collective only glass
  • 10% off all merchandise
  • Quarterly gatherings with the brewer and owners
  • Exclusive monthly newsletter
  • 2 Liter growler and first fill
  • Collective t-shirt
  • Topa Topa hat
  • Membership card
  • Patch and stickers
  • Annual renewal for $75

I signed up for this on whim, by myself, with the goal of meeting other people in my area that love craft beer just as much as I do. Also, a future goal of mine is to be able to combine my sales and account management experience/skills with my passion for craft beer and local breweries. I figured joining a beer collective, in addition to working towards a Cicerone beer-serving certification, are two steps in the right direction. Cheers!

Enjoying Chief Peak in 20 oz collective only glass,

What a beauty!

Topa Topa’s brewer (blue hat) answering questions about Topa’s brewing process- very knowledgeable and all around nice guy-.