Alert: The Best Running Shorts, Ever!

Are you looking for the perfect hoochie shorts to run or just casually show off your toned legs? Well, do I have the absolute banger of a short for you. The RVCA Yoggers are durable, comfortable, and the perfect length. I am very much the kind of a person who wears running shorts like an outift on the weekends. Don’t believe me? I have included a picture below for reference. I am including a link for reference.

Womens Yogger Stretch Short 190235788191 | RVCA

This this this! Go Billy!

This past weekend I went to bed early then woke up around midnight. To not open Tik Tok and begin endlessly scrolling, I went to Youtube and watched a 6-part documentary on Billy Kemper and his return to big wave surfing after a near fatal surf trip to Morocco. Something that struck me about Billy is that he’s grounded, tough, and family is center of his life. His dedication to recovery is inspiring. If you want a good story and feel inspired when you’re back’s against the wall, give it a watch.