March 2020 – Lockdown #1

This is a draft from March 29, 2020 that I never got around to posting. It felt so good to be with my parents and have a backyard for Lu (for my dog). I came back to Seattle near the end of April. I was ready to get back to my apartment, but leaving was tough. I hiked a lot. I drank a lot of Topa Topa beer. Menudo Sundays. We’re coming up on a year in a pandemic and things still feel the same politically. Blessings that people in Seattle wear masks.

Episode 5: Cotton Gives People Split Ends!

My absolute favorite High School Basketball and summer travel ball teammates, Ash & Lex, join me to reminisce about the many hours we spent in our early teens commuting to play travel ball; we talk about Ash’s dream of writing children’s books, societal standards of beauty, and how Ash works at night to watch over her kids during the day as they attend school virtually.

Feet Pics & Chonies

I was feeling a little meh and not totally myself today, but my gewd fraand Lizzette came through to remind me that there’s always Only Fans and don’t go on a date unless you Facetime FIRST! 🙂

We did it, Joe!

We made it to Spotify 🙂

It took some time, but I finally got the pod on Spotify. Boy is it fun to see something you’ve created on various platforms especially the ones I use day-to-day.

Find the lesson and let it go…