Alert: It’s raining ☔️. 

Luna and I had ourselves a very lazy Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Besides spending it with our Caucasian family in Monroe, I managed to make it downstairs to workout, indulged in an excessive amount of causation television (Gilmore Girls, Super Girl & Masters of Sex), and ate ramen and Mac n cheese all weekend. Also, I did manage to watch Insecure- this latest episode deserves a separate post (Damn, Issa!), in addition to Shameless (Damn, Svetlana is breaking rank).

I FaceTimed with Lex on Sunday, she’s wrapping up her last season playing professional volleyball in Turkey. She told me all about her hot air balloon excursion; how she was able smell the gas and see clouds of smoke covering Aleppo *sigh….. we also talked about a girl I was seeing- how we met and hit it off; how she invited me to her friend’s Halloween party, introduced me to her friends; how we made out and held hands on the roof of her friend’s bougie apartment in downtown Seattle, and how she stayed over at my place and I stayed over at hers. We even went on a wine tour in woodinville, and grabbed lunch afterwards where we discovered a new IPA we both dug…..

(I’ll write another post about said girl once I completely process and wrap my head around it. Also, I’m blushing because my abuela and mom subscribe to this blog, they’re going to read about my hoochie lifestyle).



Oh Kanye…

I went to see Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour at Key Arena in Seattle last month; I endured the rants about Jay-Z and how Blue Ivy hasn’t had a play date with Northi (or something like that), and how the apple/Tidal bs has him feeling “tight,” which he exclaimed over and over and which I found to be hilarious. (I’m still trying to incorporate the word “tight” into my everyday vernacular with little success). Ultimately, I went to hear “WAVES” live which he played back-to-back so I got my money’s worth because let’s be honest, that damn beat is glorious all on it’s own.

I found his stage , or rather flying spacecraft, and lights to be v dope…

When he seemed distracted standing there on stage with little to no expression, I thought about Beyonce and how much she puts into a performance and how in comparison Kanye gets to stand there in comfy army boots and sweatpants, no memorized choreography or live band…. anywho, I still enjoyed the show and his music does make me feel some type of way.

Speedy recovery, Kanye.





Life: What happens when you do that thing you said you were going to do..

A little over 3 months ago I accepted a new position in the state of Washington; sold all of my furniture; moved out of a house that I’d fallen in love with; temporarily gave my pup to my parents; started a new job; and said goodbye to beloved surf breaks, breweries, camping spots and hiking trails that lined the coast of Southern California. If this sounds like a breakup letter to California, in a way it is, but it’s also a love note to the past and a celebration of being about it, not just talking about it.

Upgraded my lifestyle…
Right before the winter wind swept the leaves away- seasons ya’ll!
5-weeks post move in.
This bed reminded my of my childhood trundle bed frame so naturally I gravitated toward it.
Watching the NBA in the common area of my apartment building.
Didn’t take her long to get comfortable.
Lu (dog) giving me the feels and making this place so cozy.
Squad night out on Cap Hill
House warming gift from my bestie b.