Issa Caricature!

Felt like I needed to share these amazing caricatures that my good friend Emily had made for us as a Christmas present. Fun Fact: All 4 of us go way back. How far back? Oh you know, 6th Grade. And where are we now? Well, Emily is a kick-ass Financial Analyst and entrepreneur; Haley is aContinue reading “Issa Caricature!”

My New Gig: Bellevue Children’s Academy!

30-day notice. 2-weeks notice. Work 40 hours a week. Clean 20 hours a week to get your place move-out ready. Drive 18 hours by yourself. Stay in a weird casino-hotel in Redding, CA. Arrive in Monroe on a Sunday. Start work on a Tuesday. Oil Change and new Driver’s license on a Wednesday. Apartment huntingContinue reading “My New Gig: Bellevue Children’s Academy!”

I’m Going To Sri Lanka!!!!

Seven months ago I committed to a 2-week trip to Sri Lanka , in two weeks I leave for said trip. What makes this trip particularity special is that I’m traveling with Haley, Emily and Renee- a group of girls I’ve known since I was 12 years old. We’ve survived junior high, high school, college, divorce,Continue reading “I’m Going To Sri Lanka!!!!”


President Obama Visiting Cuba with the First Family gives me LIFE! View this post on Instagram Landing in Havana yesterday aboard Air Force One. A post shared by Pete Souza (archived) (@petesouza44) on Mar 21, 2016 at 8:17am PDT View this post on Instagram Wet and rainy in Old Havana. A post shared by Pete SouzaContinue reading “POTUS in CUBA!”

Trip Research: Sri Lanka 2016

Travel information for Doha, Qatar to Colombo via. Route information Doha, Qatar is 2245 miles from Colombo There are 3 daily flights from Doha, Qatar to Colombo There are 10 weekly flights from Doha, Qatar to Colombo 7 non-stop flights are operating from Doha, Qatar to Colombo today Qatar has the most nonstop flights betweenContinue reading “Trip Research: Sri Lanka 2016”

Sri Lanka!!

I’m going to Sri Lanka in April! Ahhh! I cahn’t believe it! My friend Haley, who is also going, recommended searching the hashtag “Sri Lanka” on Instagram to see what pops-up. The first thing that caught my eye was the following pic of a surfer elegantly sliding through a wave. Here are some of my favoriteContinue reading “Sri Lanka!!”