I’ll take a new Zayn song, thank you!

I will gladly take a new Zayn Jam. I missed the One D wave, too old for that. Solo. Zayn. Now, that’s post boyband career I can get behind. Is it Zayn season? Did Maylay produce this? Either way, thank you universe, I appreciate all of the new music you’ve bestowed upon me this pastContinue reading “I’ll take a new Zayn song, thank you!”

Have you listened to that new St. Vincent?

“You’re the only motherfucker in the city that can handle me. New York wasn’t true love back to you, love.” – St. Vincent, New York St. Vincent is set to release her fifth album and I’m absolutely obsessed with Annie Clark’s lyrical and vocal abilities on her latest single, New York. Ahh it’s so rawContinue reading “Have you listened to that new St. Vincent?”