Sierra is Getting Married! #Gauchos4lyfe


And to think just a couple of years ago I was saying goodbye to Sierra as she embarked on a new chapter in Hawaii. Now, she’s engaged to her guy (Chris) and they’re in the midsts of planning a dreamy Hawaiian wedding- ahh, makes my heart swell with happiness for them.

Keeping in touch these past 10 years since our college graduation has surprisingly been easy. We both have a gift for gab and our quarterly phone sessions tend to last well over an hour and a half (minimum). I mean, we both earned Communication degrees from the University of California, Santa Barbara so yeah, there’s that too.

(Side note: I feel like the more I use my blog to appreciate certain people and friendships, the more I appreciate the serendipitous nature of the universe.)

Issa Caricature!


Felt like I needed to share these amazing caricatures that my good friend Emily had made for us as a Christmas present. Fun Fact: All 4 of us go way back. How far back? Oh you know, 6th Grade. And where are we now? Well, Emily is a kick-ass Financial Analyst and entrepreneur; Haley is a boss b Varsity swim coach and girl scout leader; and Renée is a Marine Biologist and parkour expert (not really but she tries). Another fun fact: We all traveled to Sri Lanka last year to celebrate Emily’s wedding to her husband, Chatura. Two weeks of romping around a small island in a van definitely bonded us for lyfe.

…wonder if all of our future kids will like each other or nah- HAHA.


Alert: Nostalgia

In honor of my iphone creating the adorable video below. I also wanted to share a photo I stumbled upon from my trip to Southern California for Spring Break- looking back is dope.

Spring Break in the 805 (2017)
Emma Wood Beach

This last year definitely felt every bit 365 and then some; August 20th marks my one-year anniversary of making the jump from southern California beach bum to kewl PNW want to be local.

Here’s to more blogging!

Hey young world. Want to hear a story? It’s been far too long since I’ve held a steady blogging schedule and it’s bumming me out so my goal is to make at least one post a day.

Here’s a few things that happened this WEEK:

  • Earlier in the week I was experiencing a slight depression cherry (a term used when I’m feeling sad girl vibes). This is something that I experience when I have guests come to visit we have an amazing time then they leave to go back home and I get a little sad. The last time I experienced this was back in February when my parents came to visit from California and we had a wild time romping around Vancouver. The duration of this depression cherry tends to last a few days then things get back to normal. Update: I’m good now, guys. Getting excited to start a new job.
  • Drove to Monroe to collect eggs from Haley’s coupe and to give water to her chickens while she and the fam traveled back from New York. Upon arriving, it was clear that an intruder was trying to eat the chicken feed. Luckily, there were plenty of eggs to collect and the coupe wasn’t destroyed.
  • I accepted a contract for a new position at a new school after creating a 100-day action plan to show the founder my objectives for my first three months on the job. She loved the plan and I was able to negotiate a title and salary that I feel reflects what I can bring to the position. Moving to Washington state has really allowed me to take make moves in Education. Thankful for this opportunity.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Fresh Eggs from Haley’s tree house
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
On our way to hike but google didn’t come through so we ended up driving for almost 2 hours.


Alert: It’s raining ☔️. 

Luna and I had ourselves a very lazy Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Besides spending it with our Caucasian family in Monroe, I managed to make it downstairs to workout, indulged in an excessive amount of causation television (Gilmore Girls, Super Girl & Masters of Sex), and ate ramen and Mac n cheese all weekend. Also, I did manage to watch Insecure- this latest episode deserves a separate post (Damn, Issa!), in addition to Shameless (Damn, Svetlana is breaking rank).

I FaceTimed with Lex on Sunday, she’s wrapping up her last season playing professional volleyball in Turkey. She told me all about her hot air balloon excursion; how she was able smell the gas and see clouds of smoke covering Aleppo *sigh….. we also talked about a girl I was seeing- how we met and hit it off; how she invited me to her friend’s Halloween party, introduced me to her friends; how we made out and held hands on the roof of her friend’s bougie apartment in downtown Seattle, and how she stayed over at my place and I stayed over at hers. We even went on a wine tour in woodinville, and grabbed lunch afterwards where we discovered a new IPA we both dug…..

(I’ll write another post about said girl once I completely process and wrap my head around it. Also, I’m blushing because my abuela and mom subscribe to this blog, they’re going to read about my hoochie lifestyle).