Seattle Things…

I am loving all of the throwback photos that come up on my computer reminding me of moments that seem far yet familiar. I am not much of soccer enthusiast but I love sports and being outdoors, and the fans in Seattle always show out out for Sounders games.

A Simple Time

I took this photo on my go pro a few months after I moved to Washington State. I was trying to find new places to explore. This is one of the rare cases where a photo does more justice for a place than I remember.

September 1, 2021

New month, new blessings.

The weather in Seattle continues to be outstanding, affording me the opportunity to bike home from work.
Just an apartment appreciation post- it’s looking green and mighty cozy.
I feel like my younger self would really appreciate this fade and color. (My current self really does).

The First Day of School is Coming! 👍🏽

When they tell you they need the school painted but there’s no record of colors so you track down all interior colors.
I spend the majority of my week setting up and organizing projects with Peter. I’m pretty fond of him. He showed me how to change a ballast.

This this this! Go Billy!

This past weekend I went to bed early then woke up around midnight. To not open Tik Tok and begin endlessly scrolling, I went to Youtube and watched a 6-part documentary on Billy Kemper and his return to big wave surfing after a near fatal surf trip to Morocco. Something that struck me about Billy is that he’s grounded, tough, and family is center of his life. His dedication to recovery is inspiring. If you want a good story and feel inspired when you’re back’s against the wall, give it a watch.

March 16, 2021

Today, I signed up for a Google Project Management certification course. It’s supposed to take six months, but I’m on a 3-month self-induced schedule.

My fraaand Liz and her man’s are coming to visit Seattle for Memorial Day/my B-Day weekend! We renting a jacuuzi boat to sail around Lake Union. I am so blissed out just thinking about this…

I reviewed and organized a lot of content today which made me so happy and v feel productive.

I walked 8.5 miles in total today, wow.

Here’s the playlist I made today:

Happiness & Success

The ability to set goals is very valuable in achieving success. Goals should be balanced in all areas of life — family, social, spiritual, business, health, wealth, education, etc.  The major rules of goal-setting are:

  1. Goals should be in writing.
  2. Goals should be measurable — if they can’t be measured, they’re not goals.
  3. Goals should be dated so you have a time frame to measure accomplishment.