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Spring. Break. 2018

Spring Break


A little staycation never hurt nobody. My goal for the week was to live like a Bellevue housewife. Mission Accomplished.

Haley made us breakfast at the Tree House in Monroe. We wanted to catch up before she leaves on her trip to Cambodia.¬†We hung out from around 9 AM to 3 PM. I left right before Paul and Bell came home from work and school. This was the day the Tristan Thompson cheating stuff dropped so we had lots to discuss. If this isn’t housewife¬†vibes, I don’t know what is.

I managed to find some deals at Target that allowed me to give my rather plain and boring bathroom decor a much needed earthier facelift. Thanks to a frond leaf patterned shower curtain and bath matt, my bathroom feels a bit cozier and lived in.

I drove into downtown Bellevue to check out Fika House cafe and Bellden Cafe.


I ordered a matcha latte (unsweetened) and a waffle. The presentation was good. The taste was standard, not bad. Not mind-blowing exceptional, or new in any way; seemed to be built for tenants who live in the apartment complex above. Other than that, not anything I feel like I need or want to try again.

Next, I checked out Bellden coffee which was a short walk from Fika House. The drip coffee wasn’t too tasty. I drink my coffee black so I like something on the bold yet smooth side. This place was spacious and made sense as a workspace; they have private rooms to work in, if needed.


I managed to paint acrylic on canvas. Finish a book (A Little Life). Work from home. Meet a new friend, downtown. Hang out with Bothell brothers. Take baths, sometimes a couple a day, to help with soreness and get me into a space to meditate.

I worked out a couple of times, still sore from squats. Lots of walks around the park with Lu. A few naps.

I started an interesting course I found after listening to an episode of That’s so Retrograde featuring Lacy Phillips who is something of a manifestor extraordinaire. I’m not going to talk too much about this since it’s fresh and I’m really into it. (More to come later).

All-in-all, the weather was typical gloomy, wet, cloudy, rainy PNW stuff but I made the best of it.  I spent the majority Monday outside on a brewery patio taking advantage of the 60-degree weather. It was the perfect day.

Until next time,

Jessie Cherrelle

Issa Caricature!


Felt like I needed to share these amazing¬†caricatures that my good friend Emily had made for us as a Christmas present. Fun Fact: All 4 of us go way back. How far back? Oh you know, 6th Grade. And where are we now? Well, Emily is a kick-ass Financial Analyst and entrepreneur; Haley is a boss b Varsity swim coach and girl scout leader; and Ren√©e¬†is a Marine Biologist and parkour expert (not really but she tries). Another fun fact: We all traveled to Sri Lanka last year to celebrate Emily’s wedding to her husband, Chatura. Two weeks of romping around a small island in a van definitely bonded us for lyfe.

…wonder if all of our future kids will like each other or nah- HAHA.


My First Beer Collective Meeting @ Topa Topa Brewery 

So what are the perks and benefits to joining a beer collective?

Join the Topa Topa Collective for exclusive info, events and offers on gear and beer. Plus, one percent of sales on pints from the collective go to the Los Padres Forest Watch to help preserve our local habitat. Our annual membership includes:

  • 4oz extra pour of beer in a 20oz collective only glass
  • 10% off all merchandise
  • Quarterly gatherings with the brewer and owners
  • Exclusive monthly newsletter
  • 2 Liter growler and first fill
  • Collective t-shirt
  • Topa Topa hat
  • Membership card
  • Patch and stickers
  • Annual renewal for $75

I signed up for this on whim, by myself, with the goal of meeting other people in my area that love craft beer just as much as I do. Also, a future goal of mine is to be able to combine my sales and account management experience/skills with my passion for craft beer and local breweries. I figured joining a beer collective, in addition to working towards a Cicerone beer-serving certification, are two steps in the right direction. Cheers!

Enjoying Chief Peak in 20 oz collective only glass,

What a beauty!

Topa Topa’s brewer (blue hat) answering questions about Topa’s brewing process- very knowledgeable and all around nice guy-.