This this this! Go Billy!

This past weekend I went to bed early then woke up around midnight. To not open Tik Tok and begin endlessly scrolling, I went to Youtube and watched a 6-part documentary on Billy Kemper and his return to big wave surfing after a near fatal surf trip to Morocco. Something that struck me about Billy is that he’s grounded, tough, and family is center of his life. His dedication to recovery is inspiring. If you want a good story and feel inspired when you’re back’s against the wall, give it a watch.

Wake Up/Wind Down Podcast

I have been listening to this podcast episode the last few nights while I soak in a bath. Since getting my first round of the Moderna vaccine, I found my energy level to take quite a dip around 7 PM. I haven’t experienced any adverse effects from my first round just a bit of lethargy. A new habit of mine is listening to the Wake Up/ Wind Down podcast while I walk to work in the morning and a few hours before heading to bed. Each day you can expect a new episode in the morning to wake up and one at night to wind down. What a concept! Love it!

This particular episode resonates because this year has been frustrating and I haven’t always managed the way I express and experience frustration very well. And learning to express frustration is an important tool. Take a moment and treat yourself to this gem of an episode. And remember, A really great way to create a pause is mindfulness.

Spring. Break. 2018

Spring Break


A little staycation never hurt nobody. My goal for the week was to live like a Bellevue housewife. Mission Accomplished.

Haley made us breakfast at the Tree House in Monroe. We wanted to catch up before she leaves on her trip to Cambodia. We hung out from around 9 AM to 3 PM. I left right before Paul and Bell came home from work and school. This was the day the Tristan Thompson cheating stuff dropped so we had lots to discuss. If this isn’t housewife vibes, I don’t know what is.

I managed to find some deals at Target that allowed me to give my rather plain and boring bathroom decor a much needed earthier facelift. Thanks to a frond leaf patterned shower curtain and bath matt, my bathroom feels a bit cozier and lived in.

I drove into downtown Bellevue to check out Fika House cafe and Bellden Cafe.


I ordered a matcha latte (unsweetened) and a waffle. The presentation was good. The taste was standard, not bad. Not mind-blowing exceptional, or new in any way; seemed to be built for tenants who live in the apartment complex above. Other than that, not anything I feel like I need or want to try again.

Next, I checked out Bellden coffee which was a short walk from Fika House. The drip coffee wasn’t too tasty. I drink my coffee black so I like something on the bold yet smooth side. This place was spacious and made sense as a workspace; they have private rooms to work in, if needed.


I managed to paint acrylic on canvas. Finish a book (A Little Life). Work from home. Meet a new friend, downtown. Hang out with Bothell brothers. Take baths, sometimes a couple a day, to help with soreness and get me into a space to meditate.

I worked out a couple of times, still sore from squats. Lots of walks around the park with Lu. A few naps.

I started an interesting course I found after listening to an episode of That’s so Retrograde featuring Lacy Phillips who is something of a manifestor extraordinaire. I’m not going to talk too much about this since it’s fresh and I’m really into it. (More to come later).

All-in-all, the weather was typical gloomy, wet, cloudy, rainy PNW stuff but I made the best of it.  I spent the majority Monday outside on a brewery patio taking advantage of the 60-degree weather. It was the perfect day.

Until next time,

Jessie Cherrelle

Here’s to more blogging!

Hey young world. Want to hear a story? It’s been far too long since I’ve held a steady blogging schedule and it’s bumming me out so my goal is to make at least one post a day.

Here’s a few things that happened this WEEK:

  • Earlier in the week I was experiencing a slight depression cherry (a term used when I’m feeling sad girl vibes). This is something that I experience when I have guests come to visit we have an amazing time then they leave to go back home and I get a little sad. The last time I experienced this was back in February when my parents came to visit from California and we had a wild time romping around Vancouver. The duration of this depression cherry tends to last a few days then things get back to normal. Update: I’m good now, guys. Getting excited to start a new job.
  • Drove to Monroe to collect eggs from Haley’s coupe and to give water to her chickens while she and the fam traveled back from New York. Upon arriving, it was clear that an intruder was trying to eat the chicken feed. Luckily, there were plenty of eggs to collect and the coupe wasn’t destroyed.
  • I accepted a contract for a new position at a new school after creating a 100-day action plan to show the founder my objectives for my first three months on the job. She loved the plan and I was able to negotiate a title and salary that I feel reflects what I can bring to the position. Moving to Washington state has really allowed me to take make moves in Education. Thankful for this opportunity.

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Fresh Eggs from Haley’s tree house

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On our way to hike but google didn’t come through so we ended up driving for almost 2 hours.


How To Make It – by Erin Austen Abbott

So in preparation for my new gig- preparing to launch an Int’l Montessori Academy in Capital Hill, I’m conducting a bit of research to better understand entrepreneurs. Why, you might ask? Well, I need to figure out how to market entrepreneurship to prospective parents for an elementary school. What makes our school different is that our goal is to develop, through teachers and curriculum, the entrepreneurial spirit and mind of our students. This means: embracing trial and error, developing a community of relationships, embracing a strong work ethic….etc.  I dunno, I’m still throwing around ideas and trying to come a better angle with this marketing strategy.

In trying to figure out a clear mission statement for our school, I figured a solid place to start would be to read about creative individuals who have made the jump to entrepreneur. Here are a few of my takeaways from Erin Austen Abbott’s fantastic gem of a book , How to Make It:

How To Make It by Erin Austen Abbott

“I try to carry a sense of naïveté and playfulness while also staying true to my favorite thing to do in the world, which is to be cozy.” – Painter, Caroline Z Hurley

Having an entreprenuerial mind is all about learning through immersion. This means messing up and then fixing the problems that have been created. Staying organized, creating lists and finding a mentor or community of collaborators is extremely helpful. You have to be authentic; learn from mistakes; take things one step at a time; be flexible and willing to try; set realistic expectations.

I’ll leave you with a couple of my favorite quotes from Painter, Caroline Z Hurley:

“Be strong and set on the goal, but creative and flexible on the journey.”

“I have learned that the quality I must possess as an entreprenuer is that I have to just know everything will be okay. and I have to know that for every problem that arises I will figure out the answer and that nothing is too difficult to solve.”

Thanks for reading,


My New Gig: Bellevue Children’s Academy!

30-day notice. 2-weeks notice. Work 40 hours a week. Clean 20 hours a week to get your place move-out ready. Drive 18 hours by yourself. Stay in a weird casino-hotel in Redding, CA. Arrive in Monroe on a Sunday. Start work on a Tuesday. Oil Change and new Driver’s license on a Wednesday. Apartment hunting on a Saturday.

BCA Campus 1

Buy Dis: Passion Panner

If you’re looking to stay organized pick-up a passion planner it will change your life- seriously! Tell them I sent you. (I recommend the smaller size if you’re looking to keep it with you on the go; the larger size is cool if you want something to leave at the office or at home.)

If you’re curious but not quite ready to pull the trigger on a new purchase, be sure to follow their Instagram account to see any offers or new releases! Again, YOU WILL NOT REGRET THIS PURCHASE.

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Summer Solstice: Surfing Mimics Life

I came home from work last night, decided it was the perfect day to go surfing to celebrate summer solstice and ended up paddling through barely-there waves in a spring suit when it was cold and windy. This post by Salt Surf perfectly encapsulates my experience yesterday trying to create the perfect moment and in return being humbled by mother nature and learning to just respect the moment.