This this this! Go Billy!

This past weekend I went to bed early then woke up around midnight. To not open Tik Tok and begin endlessly scrolling, I went to Youtube and watched a 6-part documentary on Billy Kemper and his return to big wave surfing after a near fatal surf trip to Morocco. Something that struck me about Billy is that he’s grounded, tough, and family is center of his life. His dedication to recovery is inspiring. If you want a good story and feel inspired when you’re back’s against the wall, give it a watch.

Here’s to more blogging!

Hey young world. Want to hear a story? It’s been far too long since I’ve held a steady blogging schedule and it’s bumming me out so my goal is to make at least one post a day.

Here’s a few things that happened this WEEK:

  • Earlier in the week I was experiencing a slight depression cherry (a term used when I’m feeling sad girl vibes). This is something that I experience when I have guests come to visit we have an amazing time then they leave to go back home and I get a little sad. The last time I experienced this was back in February when my parents came to visit from California and we had a wild time romping around Vancouver. The duration of this depression cherry tends to last a few days then things get back to normal. Update: I’m good now, guys. Getting excited to start a new job.
  • Drove to Monroe to collect eggs from Haley’s coupe and to give water to her chickens while she and the fam traveled back from New York. Upon arriving, it was clear that an intruder was trying to eat the chicken feed. Luckily, there were plenty of eggs to collect and the coupe wasn’t destroyed.
  • I accepted a contract for a new position at a new school after creating a 100-day action plan to show the founder my objectives for my first three months on the job. She loved the plan and I was able to negotiate a title and salary that I feel reflects what I can bring to the position. Moving to Washington state has really allowed me to take make moves in Education. Thankful for this opportunity.

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Fresh Eggs from Haley’s tree house

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On our way to hike but google didn’t come through so we ended up driving for almost 2 hours.


How To Make It – by Erin Austen Abbott

So in preparation for my new gig- preparing to launch an Int’l Montessori Academy in Capital Hill, I’m conducting a bit of research to better understand entrepreneurs. Why, you might ask? Well, I need to figure out how to market entrepreneurship to prospective parents for an elementary school. What makes our school different is that our goal is to develop, through teachers and curriculum, the entrepreneurial spirit and mind of our students. This means: embracing trial and error, developing a community of relationships, embracing a strong work ethic….etc.  I dunno, I’m still throwing around ideas and trying to come a better angle with this marketing strategy.

In trying to figure out a clear mission statement for our school, I figured a solid place to start would be to read about creative individuals who have made the jump to entrepreneur. Here are a few of my takeaways from Erin Austen Abbott’s fantastic gem of a book , How to Make It:

How To Make It by Erin Austen Abbott

“I try to carry a sense of naïveté and playfulness while also staying true to my favorite thing to do in the world, which is to be cozy.” – Painter, Caroline Z Hurley

Having an entreprenuerial mind is all about learning through immersion. This means messing up and then fixing the problems that have been created. Staying organized, creating lists and finding a mentor or community of collaborators is extremely helpful. You have to be authentic; learn from mistakes; take things one step at a time; be flexible and willing to try; set realistic expectations.

I’ll leave you with a couple of my favorite quotes from Painter, Caroline Z Hurley:

“Be strong and set on the goal, but creative and flexible on the journey.”

“I have learned that the quality I must possess as an entreprenuer is that I have to just know everything will be okay. and I have to know that for every problem that arises I will figure out the answer and that nothing is too difficult to solve.”

Thanks for reading,


Midtown Funk #sadgirlvibes

Mercury is in retrograde until the 25th of January. As much as I try to refrain, the target here just fits. I’m locked and loaded. Mercury you little wench why you treat me like this? AYYEYOO. Right now I’m thepure embodiment of STRAIGHT EMO-SADGIRL DEPRESSION CHERRY VIBES. I NEED A W. 

Seriously though, something needs to change.

All of this doubt about my current job puts me on edge. Should apply for the Retention Manager position?  I know, I know what do have to lose? (besides my time). My ego is definitely in control right now. I can’t seemto take a step back to distance myself from it. I feel disconnected from myself which makes it hard for me to tell what I’m feeling. I know I’m yearning for adventure and change. I just haven’t pinpointed which area  or areas the change or changes  need to take place. Plain and simple, I need a W. I need a big fat W in either my personal or professional life right now? I’m seeking external validation so hard. So hard. I received and average review at work 2 months after they asked me to travel to corporate headquarters to train new employees. Now is the time shake up my professional life. Here’s to aligning with the universe. Staying present. And continued personal growth. 

[A Manager called me this morning to discuss a lead. She wanted to let me know another admissions representative would be working with a  family whom I enrolled and was currently assigned to. Apparently I should have called them at least 6 months ago to “win-back” the family. OYE! I’m not saying she doesn’t have a point. Admissions Representatives should definitely maintain their book of business on regular basis.  However, let me know it’s an expectation and provide some guidelines. A Formal Retention Program needs to be created. (Hmmm. Maybe I should create one).]


  1. Drink 2 Liters of water a day. Per Google, The researchers estimate that drinking 2 liters (68 ounces) in one day can increase energy expenditure by about 96 calories per day. It may be best to drink cold water for this purpose, because then the body will need to expend energy (calories) to heat the water to body temperature.
  2. Submit Resume for Retention Manager Position- create a Formal Retention Program Policy
  3. Costco Membership
  4. Absolutely no alcohol Monday-Friday
  5. Buy some tea and chill
  6. Take Care of Mental Health- Meditate at least 10 mins a day
  7. Email Lex
  8. No Frivolous purchases- coffee, bagels, clothes, etc.
  9. Appreciate the small things

..and lastly, listen to more James Blake.

Remember Jessie, you da best! You are a motherfucken college-educated, education progressional, AND a QUEEN.