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Issa Caricature!


Felt like I needed to share these amazing caricatures that my good friend Emily had made for us as a Christmas present. Fun Fact: All 4 of us go way back. How far back? Oh you know, 6th Grade. And where are we now? Well, Emily is a kick-ass Financial Analyst and entrepreneur; Haley is a boss b Varsity swim coach and girl scout leader; and Renée is a Marine Biologist and parkour expert (not really but she tries). Another fun fact: We all traveled to Sri Lanka last year to celebrate Emily’s wedding to her husband, Chatura. Two weeks of romping around a small island in a van definitely bonded us for lyfe.

…wonder if all of our future kids will like each other or nah- HAHA.


Alert: It’s raining ☔️. 

Luna and I had ourselves a very lazy Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Besides spending it with our Caucasian family in Monroe, I managed to make it downstairs to workout, indulged in an excessive amount of causation television (Gilmore Girls, Super Girl & Masters of Sex), and ate ramen and Mac n cheese all weekend. Also, I did manage to watch Insecure- this latest episode deserves a separate post (Damn, Issa!), in addition to Shameless (Damn, Svetlana is breaking rank).

I FaceTimed with Lex on Sunday, she’s wrapping up her last season playing professional volleyball in Turkey. She told me all about her hot air balloon excursion; how she was able smell the gas and see clouds of smoke covering Aleppo *sigh….. we also talked about a girl I was seeing- how we met and hit it off; how she invited me to her friend’s Halloween party, introduced me to her friends; how we made out and held hands on the roof of her friend’s bougie apartment in downtown Seattle, and how she stayed over at my place and I stayed over at hers. We even went on a wine tour in woodinville, and grabbed lunch afterwards where we discovered a new IPA we both dug…..

(I’ll write another post about said girl once I completely process and wrap my head around it. Also, I’m blushing because my abuela and mom subscribe to this blog, they’re going to read about my hoochie lifestyle).