Billie Holiday & her Boxer

I was checking to see which movies are currently playing at SIFF which took me down a jazz rabbit hole. There’s a Miles Davis documentary playing so I watched the trailer, and became intrigued and saddened to see his spiral into addiction. Suddenly, I thought about Billie Holiday and did a google image search whichContinue reading “Billie Holiday & her Boxer”

Let’s Not Forget Janel McCarville

REUTERS/Eric Miller Let’s not forget about Janel McCarville. Haha. I’m just being facetious (no shade Janel or Lindsay). They are, however, one of my all-time favorite college basketball Gaurd-Post player duos to ever do it. I can’t think of a better person for the job. Lindsay Whalen’s stepping into the position of Head Coach at her belovedContinue reading “Let’s Not Forget Janel McCarville”


Okay, with summer fast approaching I’m looking to add a loafer and new sneak to my work and play rotation. I love love love a solid white shoe (forever and always) especially if a bumble gum heel in included, and the Elinor loafers would look so cute with jeans, and will step-up my work shoe gameContinue reading “Madewell”

Spring. Break. 2018

Spring Break 2018 A little staycation never hurt nobody. My goal for the week was to live like a Bellevue housewife. Mission Accomplished. Haley made us breakfast at the Tree House in Monroe. We wanted to catch up before she leaves on her trip to Cambodia. We hung out from around 9 AM to 3 PM.Continue reading “Spring. Break. 2018”

I’ll take a new Zayn song, thank you!

I will gladly take a new Zayn Jam. I missed the One D wave, too old for that. Solo. Zayn. Now, that’s post boyband career I can get behind. Is it Zayn season? Did Maylay produce this? Either way, thank you universe, I appreciate all of the new music you’ve bestowed upon me this pastContinue reading “I’ll take a new Zayn song, thank you!”