Who Me?


Welcome to my little plot of land online in the ether. If you’ve managed to click on this obscure link, well done and you’re welcome! I like to consider myself an OG of blogging as evidence by my first blog which was established in 2009, http://sitthinkdrowndrink.blogspot.com/. Again, you’re welcome.


I love to journal. Create content. I’m obsessed with my 4-year old pitty, Luna. My prized possessions include a double-stringer 8 ft. Ryan Lovelace V-bowl and collection of sneakers.

My 9-5 gig is as a Director of Community Development for a language immersion montessori-based school based in Bellevue, WA.

I do hope you enjoy and respect the content I’ve decided to share.

All da best,

Jessie Mira