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Hola everyone! Happy friday-monday-wednesday? WHAT DAY IS IT EVEN? And yes I know, I know, I have completely deviated-took a wrong turn at albeqoiqui-and-threw my posting schedule out the window but.. I haven't been all that well 😔, quite a few things came in with the huge wave that was also COVID-19. So this is me saying i’m not trying to force this new normal, bc there is nothing “normal” about this situation. This isn't a post to distract you of the very real scenario that is playing out right now, this is both a call to acknowledge that and exist in that. With that said, we are not able to get out and camp right now🚫⛺️, but maybe you can bookmark this so that you are able to reference back to it when sunnier ☀️days come.. and they will come, promise. 3. TIENDA DE CAMPAR The icon of getting outside in nature if you will⛺️ BUT HOW TF DO YOU KNOW WHICH TO BUY? The main 2 categories that tents fall into are: camping tent and backpacking tent ⛺️ •Camping Tent: (CHEAPER $$) Cheaper in price not quality, these tents are usually a little larger and more heavy. They are your standard tents that you would take on a camping trip with you. I would recommend buying a car camping tent if you are not necessarily planning on investing on backpacking gear anytime soon. ⛺️ •Backpacking Tent: (ESSPENSIVE AF) *although amazon has some dupes. Usually have keywords like “ultralight(UL)” and are usually only for 1-2 people. The biggest difference is obviously in weight and materials they are made of. But they are a MF investment. QUICK STORY: I bought mine about 4 years ago and dropped some serious dough🥖for it. And guess what! The first time I took it out my uneducated-good-bad-dog Friduchis🐕got spooked at night and ran straight out of the closed mesh door(like might as well rip up a $100dolla bill in my face why don’t you!?)THE AUDACITY OF THIS DOG!🤬So maybe also consider your kids and dogs before splurging on one of these as its highly frowned upon to disown 😒either for a tent. Happy trails! Drop questions down below and let me know where youre going camping🏕when this passes! Illustration by @jitterbug_art #vamosafueraguey #outdoorloteria

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