Oh Kanye…

I went to see Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour at Key Arena in Seattle last month; I endured the rants about Jay-Z and how Blue Ivy hasn’t had a play date with Northi (or something like that), and how the apple/Tidal bs has him feeling “tight,” which he exclaimed over and over and which I found to be hilarious. (I’m still trying to incorporate the word “tight” into my everyday vernacular with little success). Ultimately, I went to hear “WAVES” live which he played back-to-back so I got my money’s worth because let’s be honest, that damn beat is glorious all on it’s own.

I found his stage , or rather flying spacecraft, and lights to be v dope…

When he seemed distracted standing there on stage with little to no expression, I thought about Beyonce and how much she puts into a performance and how in comparison Kanye gets to stand there in comfy army boots and sweatpants, no memorized choreography or live band…. anywho, I still enjoyed the show and his music does make me feel some type of way.

Speedy recovery, Kanye.





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