Jessie’s Mexi Estate Sale

Moving From California to Washington State in less than 2-weeks and need to get rid of as many items as possible.

Figured this would be the easiest way to showcase some of the things I’m selling. Take a look and let me know if you see anything that you’re in need of.

  1. Wrap Rax Single $15
  2. Small Beach Cooler $10
  3. 8 pound weights $10
  4. Brown Glass end table $5
  5. Target Yellow End table $25
  6. Mid Size Storage rack $10
  7. Dog Pen $30
  8. Couch is Free, Come and get it!
  9. Blue Target chair $15
  10. Brown Storage shelf $20
  11. Ikea Dinner table (comes with two Chairs) $35
  12. Large Storage $25
  13. White TV Stand (TV not included) from Target  $70
  14. Ikea Dresser $150 (Originally $250)

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